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As you know we all are using internet but we don’t know how many persons are using our internet connection. You have “DSL” or “WIFI” or another internet connection and someone is using your internet  but you don’t know who is using. Due to this your internet speed is very slow because many other persons are also using your internet and you want to know who is using your internet. Don’t worry in this post I will tell you how can you check that who is using your internet

Follow my instructions…

First of all you need software whose name is “WHO IS ON MY WIFI”. To download that software click on the download button given below

using internet

When you click on download button a new bar will open in front of you do nothing on this bar because software download option will come automatically in front of you. If downloading option did not come automatically  than “RELOAD” that bar now downloading option will come in front of you. Download software and install it. The installation method is very simple you can install it easily. After installation open it. When software will open in front of you than you can see one option in the upper right side “SCAN”. Click on it than software will start scanning of all persons which are using your internet connection. After some time all information of that persons will come in front of you which are now connecting with your internet. Now you can see all information of that persons which are connecting with you internet. You can see there “IP” addresses and also there “COMPUTER NAMES”. You can also “BLOCK” them. Select person to which you want to block. But here is one problem you will not block any person because you are using free addition of this software. To block any person you need a register software. Enjoy

You can also get help from below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

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