How to save Eyes from Screen Rays

As you know that today we all are using laptop or computers. We use our computer for our office work, Entertainment or School work but you know that when we use computer or laptop for a long time continuously then we are feeling Headache and our eyes are also feeling pain at that moment and our eye sight starts weak slowly slowly. Due to this we cannot work on computer any more. But you should not worry because in this post I am going to tell you that how can you save your eye sight. To save your eyes follow my instructions…

First of all you need software to download that software click on the download button given below.

save eyes

When you click on the download button then a new bar will open in your Browser do nothing in that bar because downloading option will come automatically in front of you if downloading option not comes than there is option of “RESTART DOWNLOAD” click on it than downloading option will come download it. After downloading complete go to that location where you download software. You can see there is software whose name is “FLUX” open it then click on “AGREE” then you can see that your software will installed quickly. When installation will complete than a task will open on your right side of your screen. You can see that this software is adjusting your screen rays automatically. Screen rays will automatically change at day time and as well as at night time. You can also adjust screen rays by click on the option “SETTINGS”. Now you can set screen rays of day time and night time as you want permanently after this click on the “DONE” button. Now your eyes are save you can work easily on your computer or laptop.

This software will run automatically on Windows start up every time. ENJOY…

You can also get help from below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

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