How to save all emails in password protected file

As you know that we all are having email accounts of different types like as “G MAIL” “YAHOO” “HOT MAIL” etc we cannot give same password to all accounts due to hacking. If you have same password of all accounts and suppose that your friend get password of your any email account than he will try to access your all accounts because our all emails are already known by our friends because we send them emails. Your friend will try to access your all email accounts by giving password which he know and if you have same password of all accounts then he will access your all accounts.

You should not have same password of all accounts. You should have different passwords. But in fact you have 1 problem. The problem is that different passwords of different accounts cannot be remembered by you but you should not worry. In this post I will tell you a special method by which you can save your all email accounts and there passwords in one file and that file will be password protected. Nobody can open that file except you. Because you are only the person which know the password of that file.

First of all you need software whose name is “KEE PASS”. To download that software click on the download button given below

protect email

When you click on it than a new bar will open in front of you.Do nothing on that bar after few seconds downloading option will come automatically in front of you download it when downloading will complete run that software. The installation method of this is very simple I hope you can install it easily. After installation the shortcut of that software will come on your desktop open it and press “CTRL+N” from your keyboard than save that file. After saving a new task will open in front of you than set master password than click on “OK” than again click on “OK” than a new task will appear in front of you. You can see different categories like as GENERAL, WINDOWS, and NETWORK etc. Select any category than press “CTRL+I” from your keyboard than give any title and type your email in “USER NAME” and delete default written password and write password of that email which you write than click on “OK”. You can save your all email account and their passwords in different category where you want.

And whenever you forget your email or password open that file you can see your email in that category where you save. Double click on that email which you want to open. The Email is in front of you but password is invisible don’t worry click on the icon of “3 DOTS” in the end of password line. When you click on it than you can see your password. Enjoy…

Now you can also get help from below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.

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