How to get payoneer card and 25$ bonus

Payoneer is a company which provides  web based business payment solutions.The company was founded in 2005 and headquartered   in new York city.It is providing master card which is used  to transfer or receive money from one place to another place and also withdraw online earning from different companies fastly. In this article I will tell you complete & step by step  guide how to get payoneer master card in our country like Pakistan etc.

payoneer in pakistan

Benefits of Payoneer Master card

  • Save Time
  • Low charges  (1% to 3% of your withdraw payment)
  • Withdraw money from any freelancing companie, Infolinks, Amazon , clickbank  and other approximately  800+ companies.
  • Use in any Bank ATM which accepts/allow Master Cards. In Pakistan we use  Muslim Commercial Bank ATM , Faysal bank ATM, SCB ATM etc  .
  • Payoneer company also create virtually bank account for you in USA. You can also receive money on the bank account number.
  • Transfer money from one card to another card freely.

FAQ of Payoneer master car

1.Is there is any fee for the card or shipping cost?

No, Only one time company charge only 24$ when you activate and first time load your payoneer master card.

2.How and when I receive 25$ bonus?

You will get 25$ bonus then you receive  minimum 100$ in your account from one or more then one companies.

3.In how much days I will get card?

In 15 t0 25 days if your address is correct.

4.At which banks ATM  I can withdraw money?

Those banks which accept master cards. In Pakistan MCB  , SCB, Faysal bank ATM etc.

5.As I have money in dollars in my card So, I will get dollars or local currency from ATM?

Dollars automatically converted into local currency so you will get  in local currency.

Join payoneer & Get 25$ bonus

You also apply  direct from official payoneer website but If you apply by clicking on the below image then you can get 25$ as a bonus when you activated your card it will be a gift from payoneer company.

Payoneer Free

After clicking on Signup simple registration form open , fill this and submit your application.After 15 t0 25 days you will receive card on given address which you provided.After receive login your account and click on ”Activate your card”  fill  information & set desired 4 digits ATM pin.

Now you can also get help from below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.


After watching this video I hope you understood the process of how to get payoneer in Pakistan and gift of 25$ bonus.

Important Note:

Never apply for more than one cards at a time and on same identity card.Feel free to contact with me .In any problem leave your comment below the post. THANKS

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