How to Use 4 Desktop’s On Computer At Once

In this post I will tell you how you can work on four desktops at once on your computer instead of one desktop.Whenever we are doing our personal work on our computer or laptop and suddenly someone sit near us and start focusing on our computer or laptop . As.As this he or she can see our personal work.And we have to close our work immediately. And when he or she go away from us we have to do our work from start .To avoid this follow my instructions.I am going to tell you how you can work in four desktop at once.

First of all click on download button and download software.

4 desktops on single computer

When you press download button than a window will open in front of you as like this.

4 desktops

You just click on this option and downloading will start.So downloading will complete soon.

After this go to your downloads folder you can see that there is a file whose name is “DESKTOPS” which is in winrar archive file.You can extract it and than open extracted folder.Double click on a software named “DESKTOPS”.When you click on it than it will install automatically.After automatically installation you can see a “DESKTOP 1” option in a start menu task-bar.

When you click on this icon you can see that there are 4 desktops appearing.At that time your 1st desktop is in working or active other 3 desktops are off.You can active other three desktop by just click on it.If you click on 2nd desktop than the work of your 1st desktop for example you are copying some data to your USB  or downloading or uploading anything else still remain working.And the applications of 1st desktop also remain open as you left.You can also move back on your 1st desktop by click on 1st desktop.So you can use 4 desktops at a time on your computer.

Now here is a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi you can also get help from this


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