How to make icons of folder

You know that we have many folders in hard disk of computer or laptop as we required.But all that floders are of same icon.You can change icons of all folders which is already available on all operating systems.

But in this post I will tell you that how can you make icon of any image.Even not this you can also fit your own image.But to do this first of all you need a software whose name is “IMAGE 2 ICON”.To download this software click on the download button given below.

image to icon

When you click on it then a new bar will open in your browser.In this bar you can see one option of “DOWNLOAD NOW”.Click on it.When you click on it then downloading option will come automatically in front of you.Download it.

After downloading now we are going to install this software run that software to install.The installation method is very simple I hope you can install it easily.After installation run this application.When you run it then one application will open in front of you as like this…

image 2 icon

Now click on the “Add” option which I mention in upper pic by black arrow and now select the image which you want to set as icon.After this select the size as you wish I think 256*256 is best for icon of folder after selecting size click on “Convert” option as I mention in upper pic by red arrow.When you click then give location where you want to save this icon which you are making.Now your icon is ready.

Now right click on any folder and click on last option “Properties”.One box will open in front of you click on “Customize” option which is located on upper side last option.Now click on “Change icon” one small box will open.From here you can change icon which is default available in all operating systems.But we want to add our own icon which we make click on “Browse” option and select icon which we make after selecting click on ”Ok” and then click on “Apply”.Oh good news  you can see that icon of folder is changed as you want.As like this you can make icon of any image.Enjoy.

Now you can also get help from below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.

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