How to install any window by USB

In our daily routine life we use computers to perform different tasks. Sometimes we have to face many difficulties regarding our computer problems such as during our use some files of the operating system (window) are corrupted and our total work goes waste.

In such situations we use support of CD or DVD to install windows. Sometimes DVD or CD is scratched badly and it not works. To avoid these difficulties there is an alternative way of installing window. That method of installation of window is done by making window in USB.

To make usb bootable, first of all you need a software whose name is “REFUS”. You don’t need to go anywhere to download that software. Just click the download button given below.

Bootable window

When you click on above download button then a new bar will open on screen. Scroll down a little, you will see an option Rufus 2.5(843 kb).click on it. Download option will appear automatically. Set download location in which drive you want to save it. Click start download and your software will be downloaded.

Now you need an “ISO” file of windows you wish to make bootable whether it is windows XP, windows 7 or windows 8 or 10. You will see four options given below. Click on your required “ISO” file.


xp iso

window 7 iso

windows 8 iso

windows 10 iso

When you click on any ISO file then new bar will open. Scrolling down a little you will see two download options “32 bit” and “64 bit”. You will find the same options in any other required “ISO” file except windows XP.You will find only one download option of “32 bit” in windows XP.

Click on “32 bit” or “64 bit” any one of these two options to download your required “ISO” file.  Once again a new bar will open. Here you will get download option to download your required “ISO” file. When the download dialogue box will appear, you will find that file contains 3 t0 4 GB of size. Set your download location in which drive you want to download the file and click “Start download” button. Your file will start downloading automatically.

You can also download any your required “ISO” files from torrent. For example you want to download windows 7 “ISO” file. Just go to torrent search bar and type windows 7 ISO “32 bit” or “64 bit” and press Enter. You will see a list of download options. You can download your required file from any of these options. If you don’t know how to download anything from torrent then click on below “Torrents” image.

How to download any ISO file from Torrent.Click on below image.

download torrent

After downloading “ISO” file go to your computer drive and open the downloaded software. You don’t need to install it. When you will open it, its window will appear on screen. You need at least 8 GB of USB to make ISO file bootable.


If you have any kind of your personal data in USB then copy it from USB to computer to avoid loss of data.

Select your USB from here as I mention in below pic.

Bootable window

Now click on icon which I mention in below pic and select your ISO file which you have downloaded.

Bootable usb

After this click on start button. It will ask your permission to erase all data on USB. Click “OK” button. After the format is complete it will automatically start creating your USB bootable. This process will take 10 to 20 minutes.

After the process is complete press close button. Now you can use it to install windows in your system.

You can make any window in your USB by same upper process but by selecting required ISO file.

Now you can also get help from below video Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.Enjoy

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