How to delete facebook account

As you know that we all are using “FACEBOOK”. We make facebook account to share our images or chat with our friends or want to know every news of society every time. But sometimes due to any reason we want to close our facebook account permanently. Every person knows how to make facebook account but mostly people don’t know how to deactivate facebook account. Don’t worry in this post I will tell you that how can we deactivate facebook account. Follow my instructions.

  1. How to Deactivate Facebook account.

First of all login your facebook account than open settings. When all settings will open in front of you. Click on second option “SECURITY” than click on last option “DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT”. When you click on it than one more option come below “DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT” click on it than select any reason which are in front of you after selecting any reason click on “DEACTIVATE” option which is given under reasons than you have to enter your facebook “PASSWORD”.After typing password click on “DEACTIVATE NOW”. Your facebook account will be deactivated after few seconds. Now your account is deleted. But if you want to get your that account again than you can login your account because facebook give few days to “REACTIVATE” your facebook account.ENJOY…

You can also get help from below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.

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