How to create folder without name in Urdu/Hindi

In this post I will tell you amazing trick.You know that whenever we create a folder than we type the name of folder than press enter and some time we use default name of folder like as “NEW FOLDER”.But I am going to tell you amazing name of a folder through which the name of folder become hidden and we can not see the name of folder.To do this follow my instruction.First of all right click on a folder and select second last option “RENAME” than press “alt” button from your keyboard and type “0160” than left “alt” button and press “ENTER” from your keyboard.But be carefully when you are typing “0160” than “alt” button of your keyboard must be pressed and after write that code than left “alt”button.

You can also hide the name of your document files, software’s any thing which required any name or default name.

The most interesting thing in this post is that the folder whose name is hidden by you can not be searched this folder because it have no name.

If you want to give the any name of that than right click on that folder and select second last option “RENAME” and than type name which you want to give.

Video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi to learn how to create a folder with out name


I hope you will enjoy my this special trick.

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