How to copy data from USB to computer automatically

Sometimes when we are using our computer our friend come near to us and ask us to copy some data to his/her USB from our Computer but he strictly ask us not to see his/her data from USB. But you want to see that data you will not copy his/her data from USB to Computer because he/she is sitting in front of our Computer. In that case you can copy all data from USB silently by doing nothing. To do this

Follow my instructions…

First of all you need software whose name is “COPY USB DATA”. To download this software click on the download button given below

copy data automatically

When you click on it than a new bar will open in front of you. Do noting at that bar because software downloading will start automatically. When the downloading will complete go to you “DOWNLOADS” folder. Double click on that software which you download. The installation method is very easy I hope you can install it easily. When installation will complete than go to your desktop the shortcut of that software is available on your desktop double click on it than icon of that software will appear in lower task bar right click on it and then click on “OPEN”. Set your location where you want to save data automatically when you connected USB to Computer. Then click on “APPLY AND HIDE”. Now connect any USB in which some that is available and then go to that location which you give to save data. You can see that your data is there automatically even you do nothing. Enjoy

You can also get help from below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

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