How to check all Facebook profile visitors

Whenever we upload a new Profile picture on our Facebook account than we want more & more likes & comments from our Facebook friends. Your likes and comments are less but your Facebook visitors are more. Mostly your friends visit your Facebook profile but not like your profile. In this post I will tell you that how we can find all visitors of our Facebook profile. In that visitors there are also many unknown persons which are not your Facebook friends. To find all your Facebook visitors follow my instructions……..

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First of all login your Facebook account in Google Chrome because this trick will only works in “GOOGLE CHROME” not in others like as Mozilla Firefox etc. Right click on your home page than you can see that there is a option “VIEW PAGE SOURCE” click on it you can also open it by pressing “CTRL+U” from your keyboard when you open it than a new bar will open come to that bar and press “CTRL+F” from your keyboard you can see that a search bar will open in upper right side in that search bar type “initialchatfriendslist” from your keyboard. When you type than there should be appear some codes in counting’s which starts by “ from left side. If there are no codes than come to the end of that page by drop down than you can see that here are that codes. These are many codes in fact these are the visitors of our Facebook profile .Now copy one code from the next of “INVERTED COMMAS” and end copying before “DASH” starts as like I select in below pic.

Facebook profile visitor

After copy that code and go to your Facebook homepage and paste in search bar after / as I tell in bellow pic by “BLACK ARROW”

Facebook visitor

After paste press enter than one account will open so this is your Facebook profile visitor.You can check your all Facebook Profile visitors by copying all codes one by one. Enjoy

You can also get help from below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.

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