How to change wifi password

As you know that we all are using internet today.We are using internet by different connections like as “DSL” or “ROUTER” etc.And off course we are using wifi devices.But sometimes our wifi password is hacked by some one and we want to change our wifi password immediately. But.But many people don’t know how to change wifi password.

But you should not worry in this post I will tell you that how can you change your wifi password of ptcl modem.To change wifi password you must be connected to internet service.

First of all you are using any window go to “START MENU” and type “CMD” and then press enter.One black application will open in front of you.Here type “IPCONFIG” and then press enter.Here you have to find address of “DEFAULT GATEWAY” like as I mention in below pic by “RED ARROW”.

Change wifi password

Now type this address in your browser search bar and then press enter.You have to login username and password.The user name is “ADMIN”of all ptcl wifi modems and if you don’t know password then check the back side of your modem there will be password written by name of “ADMIN PASSWORD” that password is mostly consist of 5 digits.After typing user name and password press enter.All settings will be open in front of you.

Find one option of ”WIRELESS KEY” cut that password which is already written and write the password which you want.Here you can also change the name of wifi signals like as the default name of all devices is “PTCL_BB”.You can change this name from this option “WIRELESS SSID”.Type here name which you want after this go at last of this bar there is one option of “SAVE/REBOOT” click on it.Then your settings will starts to save after few moments your settings are saved.If you are connected with wifi then you have to connect it again by new password.Now you can see that your wifi name is change and your password is also changed.All the devices which are connected with your wifi will be disconnected automatically because you have changed your password.

But if some one is using other devices like as router and if they don’t know the user name and password they should not worry go to this website From this website you can get the default user name and password of all models of devices.Enjoy…

Now you can also get help from below video tutorial in Urdu/Hind.

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