How to Add image in Google Background in Google Chrome.

Sometimes we see that many people when using internet and when they open google there is different image in background of google as compared to our google.You should not worry you can also fit your image in background of google.In this post I am going to tell you that how we can adjust our favorite image in background of google.This trick works on “GOOGLE CHROME” or related this browsers like as “CITRO” “SLIMJET”.But this can not work in “Mozilla Firefox”.

First of all open your “GOOGLE CHROME” and type given below  in search bar and press enter.


When you press enter than open 1st link.And than click on “add to chrome” as like this.

google background

Than a new box open in front of you click “add” and downloading will install.

After this open new bar you can see that there is one option “CHANGE GOOGLE BACKGROUND” in left lower side.Click on it than a new bar will open.In that bar you can see that there is option in the middle of this page “ UPLOAD FROM COMPUTER” click on it and upload your image.This will take a moment when uploading will complete then open WWW.GOOGLE .COM type exactly like this if you just type google than sometimes your image could not show which you upload.You can also change image again by this process.

You can also use second option “FROM URL” its mean select image from internet.

Now here is a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi you can also get help from this.

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