How Automatically Shutdown Computer in Urdu/hindi

In this post I will tell you how to automatically shutdown computer.When we are working on our computer for example we are downloading or uploading  some data and suddenly we have to go outside for another work.At that moment we have to shutdown our computer immediately and our downloading or uploading data will canceled.But don’t worry I am going to tell you that how to automatically shutdown computer by your own fixed time.

First of all save this code given below in a text or word file.

%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe -s -f -t 0000

Than right click on your desktop and go to the option “NEW” stay for one second on this option a new bar will opened.In this bar there is a option “SHORTCUT” click on it.When you click on it one task will open in front of you.”COPY” that code which is ask you to save and and “PASTE”it on a task which is opened in front of you.You are seeing that in this code there are four “ZERO,S” in the last of code.Cut that four “ZERO,S” but be carefully there is one space given in front of “t” don’t cut it.If you cut it than this code will not work properly.After this type a time which you want that your computer will automatically shutdown.But be carefully write a time in seconds instead of minutes or hours.

For example I want to turn off my computer after 30 minutes than first multiply 30 by 60 the result is 1800 seconds.Type 1800  in place of four zeros which you cut and than click on “NEXT” and than press “OK”.You can see that a shortcut will created by you on desktop.When you double click on that shortcut than you can see that a message will appear near lower task-bar .It is a message to inform you that your computer will shutdown after that time which you give in shortcut.You give 1800 seconds than your computer will shutdown in 30 minutes.You can also give more time to shutdown computer but first create a shortcut as I tell you above than type a time in seconds click next than press OK and double click on shortcut.So you can go for your work outside freely. Your computer will automatically shutdown after a time which you give.

You can also give help from below video in Urdu/Hindi


%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe -s -f -t 0000

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