How to download HD Movies from torrent

Today we all are using internet and enjoying our self but when you want to watch any movie than we go to our friends house to copy movies from his/her computer.You went to your friends house to copy movies because you don’t know how to download movies from internet either you have an internet connection at your house.But you should not worry because I am going to tell you that how you can download HD Movies, HD Songs and Register Software’s from internet.Follow my instructions…

First of all click on download button given below to get software by which you can download movies, songs etc after click on download button a new bar will open click on “Download Latest Version’ which will written in green box in right side .The name of that software is “ U TORRENT”.

download torrent movies

After download install it.The installation method is very simple you can easily install it.

Now open your Browser and type in google “TORRENT” than press enter.Open first link a new window will open in front of you.And one most thing Torrent is a website which contain mostly new movies and also some old movies.The main benefit to download movies from torrent is that when you “TURN OFF” your computer and “ON” your computer again than your downloading will automatically start from that point where you turn off your computer last time.

You can see a search bar where you can search any movie.Type the name of movie which you want to download than press enter many movies open in front of you click on any one which have 720p or 1080p tittle in it because that movies are in “HD RESULTS”.Than some options will open in front of you.But I will tell you some options which are mostly used are “EXTRA TORRENT.CC” “LIME TORRENT.CC” “TORRENT THOUND.COM” “BITSNOOP.COM” click any one of them than a file of that movie will download soon.Than go to your “DOWNLOADS” folder there will be a torrent file open it and than a task will open it front of you than click on “OK” and downloading will start.Enjoy

You can also get help from below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.

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