How to download Facebook album at once in Urdu/Hindi

Today we all are using Facebook and we upload our images on Facebook and get likes and comments from our Facebook friends.Suppose that suddenly one day our computer data will deleted by chance or our hard disk damaged or any accident by which our data will be lost.We worried about our data specially our images which was our past memories.But you should not worry you will remember that you have already uploaded your many images on Facebook.You could download them from Facebook.But when you open your Facebook account and start downloading your images one by one.There are many images which you have to download.It consumes more time to download your images one by one.
But don’t worry in this post I am going to tell you that how you can download your all Facebook images at once.Follow my instructions.
Open your browser and type in google “PICK & ZIP” than press enter click on first link which is in front of you.After this a new window will open in front of you.Click on “FACEBOOK DOWNLOAD” option in upper side of browser.
When you click on it than enter your Facebook ID & password than click on login.So you can see that your account has been login.Click on option” FIND MY PHOTOS & VIDEOS” as I highlight in pic below by “BROWN ARROW”.

dowload facebook album
Than you can select your images by option “SELECT ALL” as in upper pic by “RED ARROW”.If your Facebook images are in large quantity than your images consist of more than one page you can also go on next page as I highlight in upper pic by “YELLOW ARROW”.You can also move on your Albums as I highlight in upper pic by “BLACK ARROW”.When you have select your images to download than click on “DOWNLOAD” option as in upper pic by “GREEN ARROW” than two options come in front of you first option is for download images which you have selected and second option is to download all Facebook images by arrangement of your albums.When you select any one option than two options again come click on “ZIP” wait & than click on save give location to save images.when download will complete go to that location where you have save your image.Extract that file which you have download and than you can see that your images are available there.You can also download your Facebook videos by click on option “VIDEOS” as I highlight in upper pic by “BLUE ARROW”.But your videos will download one by one not at once.

You can also get help from below tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

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