How to check mobilink sim history

Today everyone is using  mobile phone.They face many problems regarding their  recharge and calls history and they does not know what to do .They wish to check their calls and recharge history  but they does not know how to check.They go to franchises and waste a lot of money which is illegal.Today I am going to show  you how you can check your calls and recharge history of Mobilink Network.The method is very simple.Follow my instructions.

First of all open your web browser and type in google “mobilink ecare” and press enter.Open the first link.A new page will be opened.You will see a “register” option at the upper right side ,click on it.A register menu will open.In first box enter  your cell number for which you wish to check the history  and in second box give your e-mail account.For security reason type captcha ,accept the agreement of terms and conditions and press enter. A pin verification code will be sent to you on your cell number.Type the code and click “Done” button.

Now you are registered. A new pop up menu will appear with some instructions.On this pop up message you will see a link “Go to Login”.Click on it.Once again a new menu will appear with log in and password box.Your account  password will be sent to you in your Email box.Enter your mobile number and copy your password from your mail box.Type it and press enter or click log in.Your account will be opened.The whole information related to your sim card will be given there.In this account information you will see an option “My Account”.when you will click on it a bar will appear there right under the “My Account” option.There you will find  “Recharge history” ,”Usage history”, ”Account details” , ”Change password” and “Change e-mail” options. In recharge history your 7 days recharge history will be shown and in usage history you will find details of calls & sms of previous 10 days.You can save your account information by clicking export PDF option.If this option doesn’t work,you can also save it by selecting the details and copy it and then paste it on an  “MS Office Word Document”  file.If you wish to change your  password or e-mail,you can change by giving current password or e-mail and new password or e-mail  confirmation of password and e-mail. In account details you can check your address and your current package.You can check  details regarding your need.And if you wish to change the “Account password” or” e- mail” you can also do it there. If you wish to change your package ,you can change it by clicking on “My Features” options and then  by clicking change package.

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