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How to open multiple skype accounts at once

As you know today we all are using “SKYPE” for video calls or text chat with our friends. We can open just one Skype account at one time on our computer or laptop. Sometimes we are online on our Skype account and we want to open another account at same time. To


How to reset browser settings

In daily routine life we use internet on our computer or laptop. When the speed of internet is best than you fell happy and can work easily. But sometimes internet speed is very slow and you feel angry and could not work easily. You already know that sometimes when you are downloading


How to save all emails in password protected file

As you know that we all are having email accounts of different types like as “G MAIL” “YAHOO” “HOT MAIL” etc we cannot give same password to all accounts due to hacking. If you have same password of all accounts and suppose that your friend get password of your any email account


How to get payoneer card and 25$ bonus

Payoneer is a company which provides  web based business payment solutions.The company was founded in 2005 and headquartered   in new York city.It is providing master card which is used  to transfer or receive money from one place to another place and also withdraw online earning from different companies fastly. In this article


How to save Eyes from Screen Rays

As you know that today we all are using laptop or computers. We use our computer for our office work, Entertainment or School work but you know that when we use computer or laptop for a long time continuously then we are feeling Headache and our eyes are also feeling pain at


Who is using my Wifi

As you know we all are using internet but we don’t know how many persons are using our internet connection. You have “DSL” or “WIFI” or another internet connection and someone is using your internet  but you don’t know who is using. Due to this your internet speed is very slow because


How to watch all live channels without buffering

As you know that we all have cable connections or dish TV on our houses we can see all live channels of any category. Suppose we are seeing any important match or any favorite channel and suddenly our cable connection or dish TV connection is lost and we are worried because match